World Class Vision Care

St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute has a long-standing reputation for excellence in eye care. The eye surgeons and ophthalmologists at St. Luke’s are known for their expertise and dedication to care giving. With state of the art equipment and facilities, our doctors continue the tradition of innovation and development of new technologies and techniques that our founder, Dr. James Gills began when he first opened the doors in 1968.

Patients from 77 countries have visited us for cataract and refractive surgery and for treatment of other diseases of the eye including retina diseases and glaucoma. Others turn to St. Luke’s for hearing, dermatology and plastic surgery services. The entire team of medical professionals at St. Luke’s is focused on providing our patients with a pleasant, comfortable experience from well-care exams to specialized consultations and surgical procedures.

Our President & CEO

Dr. Pit Gills is a cataract surgeon, board-certified ophthalmologist, and is fellowship-trained in cornea surgery and disease. Since joining St. Luke’s in 2001, his skill, extensive training, and experience with many types of intraocular lenses and latest laser technologies have allowed him to provide his patients with the most current treatment advancements. At the same time, his philosophy is to practice balance and restraint – drawing on his broad spectrum of specialties – to tailor each treatment for each individual and knowing when to use, and when not to use the latest technologies.


In addition to treating current patients and leading the team of cataract surgeons at St. Luke’s, Dr. Gills is engaged in developing new techniques that will benefit patients in the future. He has participated in multiple clinical studies and FDA trials of intraocular lenses and has published articles in key scientific journals and medical textbooks. Dr. Gills also shares his extensive surgical experience through presentations to colleagues at major scientific symposiums.


Today, as President and CEO of one of the largest freestanding ambulatory eye care centers in the United States, Dr. Pit Gills has performed more than 40,000 cataract surgeries, making him the most sought-after cataract surgeon in Florida over the last seven years. Dr. Pit Gills approaches each patient as if they were a member of his family, asking himself, “What would I do if this was my mother, my brother, or my sister?” This philosophy is what has made St. Luke’s the choice of patients from over 77 countries.

  • Dr. Pit Gills did both of my cataract surgeries and I now feel like my eyes have gotten younger. Everything is so clear and vivid. I guess I got used to my poor eyesight and what a wonder it’s been to have it fixed. Thanks to Dr. Gills and everyone at St. Luke’s!!!

    — Martha, Cataract Patient
  • My husband and I have been going to Dr. Murphy for as long as we can remember. He’s always so caring and friendly … and he takes time to make sure we understand the results of our exams. Thanks to him & St. Luke’s!

    — Maureen, Dry Eye Patient
  • Just returned from my annual eye check-up by Dr. Streeter. As always I was treated with the utmost in professional care and courtesy. I had cataracts removed from both eyes & crystalens implanted in 2010 by Dr. James Gills. Can’t describe enough how pleased I have been with everything I have experienced at St. Luke’s.

    — Shonnie, Cataract Patient
  • The most in-depth eye exam I’ve ever had and Dr. Glass was incredibly kind in answering all of my questions.

    — Vicky, St. Pete
  • The only place to have your cataracts done. Dr. Wipfli made me see like I did when I was a teenager!

    — Gary T. - Cataract Patient
  • Dr. Ponce is amazing! He is so caring and warm. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a retina doctor.

    — Maryann G. - Retina Patient
  • Thanks to Rhonda for helping with my hearing aids. It’s nice to “hear what I’ve been missing”.

    — Eric - Hearing Services Patient
  • My mother seemed to withdraw from some of the things she used to enjoy the most like church activities, playing cards, and going to lunches. After talking with her, we learned it was because she was having trouble hearing and she was starting to feel isolated. She said she felt like a burden when she had to ask people to repeat themselves. We took her to have her hearing checked. The staff at St. Luke’s took time to carefully examine her and then we visited about her options. Long story short, she got hearing aids and she’s back to her old self. I wish we’d have done it sooner. Thanks to Dr. Goodall for all she did!

    — Elaine R. - Hearing Services Caregiver
  • Love coming to St. Luke’s for my hearing aids. Jack really knows his stuff! Keep up the good work.

    — Jeanne - Hearing Services Patient
  • Dr. Decelles took time to explain the causes of my hearing loss to me and go over all of my options. I really appreciate this because I feel like I made the best decision going forward.

    — John T. - Hearing Services Patient
  • Dr. Gamero and his staff are excellent. I feel fortunate to be under his care – I’m extremely pleased with the overall service but in particular him as a person. He’s caring, professional, and he has helped me tremendously.

    — Anthony, Glaucoma Patient
  • Having had surgery at St. Luke’s, I can’t say enough about Dr. Kiskaddon and his surgical team. They exude a confidence that gives strength to the moment and eases anxiety. My wife and I truly appreciate our St. Luke’s experience.

    — Gene, Retina Patient