Our Founder

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James Gills, MD


Dr. James Gills founded St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute in 1968. From that time on, he committed himself to perfecting the treatment of cataracts with the highest level of patient safety, comfort and clear vision. His innovative techniques have helped reduce complications of cataract surgery and define the standard of care. He is one of the leading cataract surgery and astigmatism correction authorities in the world and he has shared his knowledge and techniques with thousands of surgeons worldwide in symposiums, lectures and residency programs.

In addition to his work at St. Luke’s, Dr. Gills is known for his personal commitment to helping others and for his tremendous athletic achievements. He’s endowed millions of dollars to colleges, YMCAs and charities across the United States and around the world, authored dozens of books and competed in nearly 50 marathons, six Double Iron Triathlons and 19 Ironman Triathlons.

While Dr. Gills has storied accomplishments, his primary goal has always been to restore physical vision to patients and to bring spiritual vision through his own life. Today, under the guidance and expertise of his son, Dr. Pit Gills, St. Luke’s continues a tradition of innovation, service, and life changing vision.