Testimonials for: Hearing Services

  • My mother seemed to withdraw from some of the things she used to enjoy the most like church activities, playing cards, and going to lunches. After talking with her, we learned it was because she was having trouble hearing and she was starting to feel isolated. She said she felt like a burden when she had to ask people to repeat themselves. We took her to have her hearing checked. The staff at St. Luke’s took time to carefully examine her and then we visited about her options. Long story short, she got hearing aids and she’s back to her old self. I wish we’d have done it sooner. Thanks to Dr. Goodall for all she did!

    — Elaine R. - Caregiver
  • Thanks to Rhonda for helping with my hearing aids. It’s nice to “hear what I’ve been missing”.

    — Eric - Hearing Services Patient
  • Dr. Decelles took time to explain the causes of my hearing loss to me and go over all of my options. I really appreciate this because I feel like I made the best decision going forward.

    — John T. - Hearing Services Patient