Testimonials for: Cornea

  • I have keratoconus and had a cornea transplant done at St. Luke’s. Very good outcome, still have better vision in that eye than in the other one. But more than the excellent medical care, I most appreciated the care shown for my psychological well being. The staff understands you will be scared having eye surgery and there is someone available to reassure and help you through it. During the actual procedure I had a nurse holding my hand the whole time. Follow-up care was very good and when I had a problem a couple of days after my surgery I was seen by one of the doctors immediately (it was on the weekend and he came straight from the golf course!) I strongly recommend St Luke’s.

    — Lizabeth H. - Madison Heights, VA
  • Dr. Rodriguez is awesome! He diagnosed me with Fuch’s and did DSAEK surgery. I saw better right away and things are maintaining.

    — Susan - Sarasota, FL