Cataract Surgeon Pit Gills, MD and his patient Victoria are shown in the St. Luke’s ambulatory surgical center today.

PanOptix Lens

Victoria just had a clear lens replacement (CLR) using Alcon’s PanOptix intraocular lens. During this procedure, which is an option for some patients, Dr. Pit replaced the eye’s natural lens with an artificial lens. Vision is improved and cataract surgery will not be needed later in life.

Victoria, who is a medical practice administrator, said that the clarity of her vision had rapidly declined so the PanOptix lens was one of the options available to her. She gave her first-eye results rave reviews. “I was at 20/20 after my first eye was done and I noticed right away,” said Victoria. Dr. Pit advised that she can look forward to even more clarity once the two eyes with PanOptix lenses begin working together. “I’m going to tell all of my friends in their 50s about this,” she said as she headed upstairs to her post operative check.

The AcrySof IQ PanOptix delivers an exceptional combination of near, intermediate and distance vision while substantially reducing the need for glasses. It’s called “The Next-Generation Trifocal” because it it is designed to provide correction at all three distances. It is used in clear lens replacement as well as cataract surgery.

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