Volunteer Guidelines

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As part of our family of volunteers, you provide an essential service. Therefore your commitment to be here as scheduled is vital. We depend on you for your assigned tasks on your volunteer day. When circumstances beyond your control don’t allow for you to come in, we ask that you provide us with as much advance notice as possible by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator directly.

Consumption of food and beverages (including chewing gum) is not appropriate in patient service areas. Most volunteers prefer to wear a vest (men) or a jacket (women) provided by St. Luke’s. In some departments, vests and jackets are required. Volunteer parking is available in the employee lot north of the stoplight. As a member of the healthcare team and a representative of St. Luke’s, it’s essential that good grooming habits be maintained.

The general guidelines for our dress code are as follows:

  • Always wear a smile!
  • All clothing must be modest, clean, neat and wrinkle-free.
  • You will be provided with a nametag. This must be worn in a visible position – preferably the upper left side of your chest.
  • Jewelry should not be excessive. Facial or tongue rings or studs are not acceptable.
  • Perfume is to be mild and understated (many people are allergic to it).
  • Hairstyles must be neat and appropriate – please no eccentric or rainbow colored hair.
  • Fingernails are to be clean and neatly trimmed to a maximum length of ¼ inch beyond the fingertip.
  • Females may wear nail polish, men may not.
  • Denim clothing, low-cut blouses, shorts, tight clothing or exercise clothing are not acceptable.
  • Pants are to be tailored.
  • Skirt length should be no shorter than just above the knee.

The fulfillment that one gains from volunteering can be shared with others. As a part of our dedicated volunteer family, you receive a $100 gift card* for each new volunteer you refer to us.

*Gift card will be awarded after your referral completes 40 hours of service at St. Luke’s.