• — Bill, Cataract Patient
  • — Dennis, Cataract Patient
  • — Mary, Macular Degeneration Patient
  • — Ruth, Cataract Patient
  • — Ben, LASIK Patient
  • — June, Macular Degeneration Patient
  • — Elizabeth, Plastic Surgery Patient
  • — Raelene, Cataract Patient
  • — Wayne, Sharon, Michael, Elaine, Dr. Cuva – Cataract Patients
  • I have been going to St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute in Tarpon Springs for many years and it is definitely a 5 star institution. I have been given excellent care with many doctors there and have always been pleased. The place is beautiful and warm and the staff is always cheerful and professional.

    — Ruth R.
  • My cataract surgery was a great experience all the way around! The offices are shiny and clean as well as the service areas. Professional staff treated us very well from the moment we walked in the door to the moment I walked out of the surgical suite! I was even given a medicine chart which made it easy to keep track of when and how many eye drops over the six weeks. It’s been a year and a half and my eyesight couldn’t be better – no problems, no glasses, even for reading.

    — Sadieann
  • Thank you for restoring my 20/20 vision, Dr. Pit Gills. Your dad did the same for both of my parents decades ago. St. Luke’s is a world class operation. Every member of the staff provides compassionate care to patients.

    — Carolyn W. - Tarpon Springs, FL
  • After receiving treatment from Dr. Gills, I tossed my glasses and read the paper, drive at night and tie a fish hook on my line. I could not have ask for anything better. I tell people if they want the best sight then go to the best, like I did. His staff is top notch. His office/clinic is very impressive. All of this with no pain or discomfort.

    — Jim - North Port, FL
  • I had an outstanding experience with Dr. Pit Gills. Highly recommended! Actually, traveled and drove over 2000 miles (roundtrip) three (3) times for diagnosis, surgery, and follow-up. Would gladly do it again. Everything was great and the cataract surgery has far exceeded my expectations. St. Luke’s is also a wonderful Christian hospital. My prayers answered in being able to see again like when I was a kid without glasses. You are treated cordially and lovingly as a whole person!

    — Dr. Rick Klobuchar - Virginia Beach, VA
  • I had heard about many different places that offered LASIK, and I wondered how I would be able to evaluate them. Then it hit me. Why go through all that when I already know that St. Luke’s has an international reputation for excellence, a proven track record and a long list of satisfied patients. Now you can count me among them.

    — Paul K. – Clearwater, FL
  • My experience was wonderful!  Every aspect from diagnosis to surgery, there is no stone left unturned.  I knew that I could completely put my faith in the entire St. Luke’s team.

    — Daniel T. – Homosassa, FL
  • Good doctor and location within a short drive. Can’t ask for more. Thank you.

    — Debbie P. - Hudson, FL
  • Everyone I encountered knew their business top to bottom. I had my first eye done and am excited to complete the other one.

    — Mark W., - Tampa
  • So glad I decided to have eyelid lift surgery. My vision has gotten much better but even more importantly, I feel better about myself!

    — Jane C. - St. Petersburg
  • Dr. Gamero and his staff are excellent. I feel fortunate to be under his care – I’m extremely pleased with the overall service but in particular him as a person. He’s caring, professional, and he has helped me tremendously.

    — Anthony, Glaucoma Patient
  • My mother and I both experienced brilliant outcomes having our cataract surgery at St. Luke’s. As an RN, I pay attention to the details of the surgical environment, and the quality of the staff and the facilities were superb. What a difference the St. Luke’s team made in improving the quality of life for both of us.

    — Claudia A. – Tampa, FL