Testimonials for: Cataract

  • — Bill, Cataract Patient
  • — Raelene, Cataract Patient
  • — Ruth, Cataract Patient
  • — Dennis, Cataract Patient
  • My mother and I both experienced brilliant outcomes having our cataract surgery at St. Luke’s. As an RN, I pay attention to the details of the surgical environment, and the quality of the staff and the facilities were superb. What a difference the St. Luke’s team made in improving the quality of life for both of us.

    — Claudia A. – Tampa, FL
  • My experience was wonderful!  Every aspect from diagnosis to surgery, there is no stone left unturned.  I knew that I could completely put my faith in the entire St. Luke’s team.

    — Daniel T. – Homosassa, FL
  • The only place to have your cataracts done. Dr. Wipfli made me see like I did when I was a teenager!

    — Gary T. - Cataract Patient
  • I have gone to St. Luke’s for eye conditions ranging from a simple eye exam to clear lens replacement. The staff are professional and considerate. The only advice I offer is to bring reading material because your wait can be long, ranging from 15-20 minutes to 1 hour or more. However, when I have been in pain due to an eye injury, I was rushed in ahead of other patients, so I appreciate the staff’s ability to prioritize when the need dictates.

    — J.J. - Tarpon Springs, FL
  • I found St. Luke’s to be extremely professional and courteous in all respects and I highly recommend them to others. Dr. Gills even called me at home the next day after the first eye surgery and asked how I was doing!


    — Jack Z. - Tampa
  • Thank you St Luke’s, Dr. Pitzer Gills (no relation to me, Jim Gill), and staff for the wonderful experience of having cataracts removed from my eyes. The Lens implants are great! Thanks also to the Veterans Administration (Tampa – James Haley VA hospital) for outsourcing this possibility to one of St Luke’s offices in the county where I live. The VA was willing to do this procedure for me, but it I would have waited until late July. Getting to do things like driving, watching TV, etc. without the need to wear glasses has made me feel like a young man again in some aspects. The staff at St Luke’s staff are some of the best people in the medical field. Some even laughed at my corney comments. Any vets that may see this, I highly recommend. Thanks again St Luke’s and the VA.

    — Jim G. - Tampa
  • From my 1st visit to my last visit I was treated exceptionally well. Everyone I came into contact with were professional and took their time with me, explained everything to my husband and I, and answered any questions we had. Dr. Pit and his staff are wonderful I continue to recommend Dr. Gills and St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute To anyone that needs this type of care. I can’t say enough about them! Awesome.

    — Kim C.
  • Everyone I encountered knew their business top to bottom. I had my first eye done and am excited to complete the other one.

    — Mark W., - Tampa
  • Dr. Pit Gills did both of my cataract surgeries and I now feel like my eyes have gotten younger. Everything is so clear and vivid. I guess I got used to my poor eyesight and what a wonder it’s been to have it fixed. Thanks to Dr. Gills and everyone at St. Luke’s!!!

    — Martha, Cataract Patient
  • Dr. Pit Gills is an amazing, caring surgeon. I’m so glad I chose him to do my cataract surgery. For the first time since I was seven years old I do not have to wear glasses! I love St. Luke’s. Everything they do is first rate and I couldn’t be happier.

    — Nancy L. - Ocala, FL
  • Had a complete eye exam and was asked by Dr. Pit Gills if I had diabetes.  I told him I didn’t think so but he recommended I check with my physician.  My doctor confirmed the diagnosis and I have changed my lifestyle and am on medications that are working.  Because of the diabetes, I developed cataracts and Dr. Pit Gills performed a painless surgery and I now see 20/15.  I could not be happier with the results, professionalism and pre-emptive diagnosis.

    — Paul D. - Tarpon Springs, FL
  • My cataract surgery was a great experience all the way around! The offices are shiny and clean as well as the service areas. Professional staff treated us very well from the moment we walked in the door to the moment I walked out of the surgical suite! I was even given a medicine chart which made it easy to keep track of when and how many eye drops over the six weeks. It’s been a year and a half and my eyesight couldn’t be better – no problems, no glasses, even for reading.

    — Sadieann
  • Just returned from my annual eye check-up by Dr. Streeter. As always I was treated with the utmost in professional care and courtesy. I had cataracts removed from both eyes & crystalens implanted in 2010 by Dr. James Gills. Can’t describe enough how pleased I have been with everything I have experienced at St. Luke’s.

    — Shonnie, Cataract Patient
  • The best part of cataract surgery is when you’re done. Green is greener, red is redder — everything is more vibrant!

    — Virginia H. - The Villages