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Has the Laurel vs. Yanny sound comparison showed up in your social media feed yet? Similar to last year’s Blue Dress vs. Brown Dress visual comparison – this one involves sound. An automated voice was recorded playing the word “Laurel” but some people heard “Yanny”. Why is this? Is there something wrong with the hearing of the people who heard Yanny?

Dr. Kristen Decelles, our Audiologist assures us that this isn’t the case. “It may be related to the frequencies that a person is able to hear,” she said, “It could also have to do with the device used to play the sound,” she added. This article helps to shed some light on this new phenomena sweeping social media – and it even provides a link to a New York Times piece with a tool to alter the sound so you can hear both Laurel & Yanny (very useful for those heated debates!).

Dr. Decelles added, “While this comparison may be an indicator of people’s ability to hear certain high and low pitches, the only true way to measure hearing loss is by having a professional examination.” St. Luke’s offers no-cost hearing testing to its employees, patients and the public. Call 888-652-0555 to schedule yours or visit our Hearing page to learn more about Dr. Decelles and the services available at St. Luke’s. 

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