Sight and hearing are two of your most crucial senses. Unfortunately, both of these senses begin to decline in many people at the same stage in life. These senses also function in concert with one another. St. Luke’s is world renowned for its eye care, and our team of highly skilled audiologists and hearing aid specialists are here to offer you the most advanced hearing care services.

St. Luke’s Hearing Services

Hearing evaluations – A hearing evaluation at St. Luke’s will allow us to pinpoint exactly where you are experiencing hearing challenges so we can make a recommendation that will change your world as you hear it. We use advanced, computerized measurements to gather the necessary data but we don’t stop there. We discuss your lifestyle, goals and needs in depth in order to ensure that your hearing aids are set to selectively amplify the sounds you want to hear. Hearing evaluations are offered at no cost, by appointment. Call today to schedule yours.

Tinnitus consultation – Tinnitus is undesirable noise that originates within the ear, affecting one or both ears. Tinnitus is common with increasing age and people who experience hardening of the arteries are at greater risk for developing it. An audiogram (also known as a hearing acuity test) is conducted along with pitch and loudness match evaluations. Our board certified audiologists will evaluate the severity of your tinnitus and determine the best course of treatment. There are several options for suppressing tinnitus including playing background music, wearing a hearing aid or even using a small device similar to a hearing aid that produces pleasant sounds to diminish the undesirable ones.

Hearing aid fittings with real ear measurements  St. Luke’s works with all hearing aid manufacturers so we can recommend the best solution to improve your quality of hearing.

Hearing aid repair  Even if you didn’t purchase your hearing aid from St. Luke’s, we will most likely be able to adjust your current hearing aid. We are happy to provide our repair services to our friends who travel in and out of the Tampa Bay area.

Second opinions – Just as with your eyes, you only get one set of ears. It’s extremely important to make informed decisions about your hearing, gathering facts before opting for a treatment plan. At St. Luke’s Hearing Services, our philosophy is to ensure that you have the education you need in order to move forward with a plan that will enhance your life. We welcome requests for second opinions on hearing loss, diagnoses, or current hearing aids.

Ear wax removal – Earwax is produced by the glands in the ear canal for the purpose of trapping foreign matter before it reaches the eardrum. When the wax gets pushed deep into the ear canal, blockage and impaction occur. Symptoms include decreased hearing, dizziness, ear pain, ringing in the ear, itching or draining from the ear canal.  Earwax blockage affects about 6% of people and is one of the most common ear problems doctors see. Our audiologists are professionally trained to safely remove earwax buildup.

Hearing Products

Hearing aids – Just as the lenses used after cataract surgery are fine tuned to improve your sight, hearing aids are custom programmed to provide the best possible enhancement to your hearing loss. Advancements in the field of hearing aid options have made for the production of more comfortable and effective solutions. Today’s broad selection includes hearing aids that are completely automatic for the patient to made for iPhone hearing aids, Bluetooth compatible aids and the extended wear Lyric. The hearing specialists at St. Luke’s work with several hearing aid manufacturers. You can be assured we will recommend the best solution for you that takes everything into account, from cost to function. From completely-in-canal (CIC) to in-the-helix models, we will properly fit your hearing aid so you enjoy the maximum benefit modern technology offers.

Musician headphones – People who consistently listen to music are at risk for hearing loss. Within the inner ear, there are tiny hair cells that are responsible for changing sounds into signals. The signals are then interpreted by the brain as sound. These microscopic hairs are easily permanently damaged by loud music. St. Luke’s offers customized musician headphones that block unwanted sound and allow you to listen to music at safe levels and preserve your precious hearing.

Custom ear molds – At times, you may find yourself in noisy environments. Loud noises can damage hearing, so it’s crucial to protect your hearing. While over the counter ear plugs are an option, they don’t match the unique shape of your ear to effectively block the noise. Your ear shape is as unique as your fingerprint and the best way to keep out unwanted sound is with custom ear molds designed exclusively for you.

Hunter’s protection – Hunter’s ears are small devices that either fit behind the ear, and connect via a hollow tube to a tip that fits into opening of the ear canal or deep inside the ear canal. These devices amplify ambient sound so the surrounding sounds can be heard easier up until the point the weapon is fired.  Then the amplifier instantly reacts,  limiting volume in the ear to a safe level. When the gunshot noise ends, the device resumes amplifying the ambient sound.

Hearing Loss Indicators

Do people seem to mumble more frequently? Do you find you have to ask people to repeat themselves in conversation? These are some basic symptoms that hearing loss may be evident. Hearing loss can lead to larger concerns such as isolation, frustration and confusion. The sooner hearing loss is diagnosed, the sooner a sense of familiarity can be restored. St. Luke’s offers comprehensive hearing evaluations at no cost. Call today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to your visit. 

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Tinnitus is undesirable noise that originates within the ear, affecting one or both ears. Tinnitus is common with increasing age and people who experience hardening of the arteries are at greater risk for developing it. An audiogram (also known as a hearing acuity test) is conducted along with pitch and loudness match evaluations. Learn about treatment options and symptom management and get answers to your questions from Kristen Decelles, Doctor of Audiology.


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